Easy Prints:

screen printed transfers that arrive to us on a carrier sheet and are applied at our location. When visiting the Easy Prints website remember to write down the layout # and graphic # to place an order.

Benefits: Discounts on large quantity of transfers that do not have to be applied to a garment at the time of purchase.
Large selection of design layouts, put a design together in minutes.
No set up, screen, or art fees.
Faster turnaround time than screen print.
Example: You can order 50 left chest transfers today, but only need 25 t-shirts for now. In a few months, you can then get 25 hoodies with the same logo but with no extra cost of making new transfers. I keep them in stock for you until your order is gone.


Limitations: You have to continue to order shirts of the same tone to use your stored Easy Prints transfers.
Example: If you order gray shirts with navy ink on your Easy Prints, later on you won't be able to order navy shirts and use navy Easy Prints transfer. You have to stay with the same color or anything lighter than the transfer ink.
You must choose from Easy Prints large gallery of layouts, fronts, colors, and graphics. Hard job to decide what to use! But what fun to pick out your own design!

Easy Prints